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Foldable for Linear Relationships and Graphing

Kudos to I Speak Math for the recent math activities she has posted; I sent the Human Box and Whisk-ers Plot activity to my seventh grade colleagues since Box and Whisker Plots are a seventh grade standard in Georgia, while I latched on to the foldable for reviewing linear relationships, which is the most significant eighth grade concept that I teach.

Since I Speak Math posted the Microsoft Word file, I made a few changes based on how I taught the concepts and what my students need to know. I left out domain and range but added the lyrics to Missy Elliot’s “Work It” since that’s how I taught perpendicular slopes.

As I was sharing the idea with my instructional coach this week, she immediately asked if I was going to make a large one. Confused and curious, I asked how. She said the tri-fold reminded her of the large tri-fold display boards used for poster presentations, of which she had several blank one. Awesome idea! I’ll post pictures when I (or my student teacher) finishes it.

Here are the links to my version of the foldable: PDF file and Word file