My Teaching Journey

through the intersection of math and middle school

New Kids on the Block

Every year in April, there is one day to which I look forward. I look forward to it for weeks in advance. I can’t sleep the night before. I get nervous. It’s kinda like when you were a kid and your birthday never seemed to get any closer.

This is how I feel about facilitating a presentation for the UGA middle school education student teachers. I get to do that next Monday. I started working on the presentation a few weeks ago, incorporating a few ideas I had thought of in January. Last year I focused on techniques of effective teachers, using the blogosphere for your own professional development, and standards-based grading. For the techniques of effective teaching, I pulled from a running list that I keep in Google Docs, which I’ve collected from my preservice experience, teaching books, and the blogosphere; feel free to add your comments. I also shared some of my personal brainstorming ideas about teaching; again, feel free to add your comments. I tried to cover too much. Everyone was good until I got the standards-based grading, and then their eyes glazed over.

This year, I’m sticking to the first two topics–techniques of effective teachers and using the blogosphere for your own PD–with a heavy emphasis on the latter, as well as including resources from across the web (both blogs and non-blog resources). The six-panel meme at the top is how I’m going to segue into the section on needing to continue your own PD. Here are some of the ideas I’m including:

If you were presenting to 50 preservice teachers who had just finished their student teaching, what resources would you share with them?

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